Saree is our most representing ethnic Indian culture to the world.So with the arising demand for fashion there is also some growing tips for saree styles and patterns.Today we generally use different style pattern of saree to give a good look for every here are some of the must try saree style which we all can try in various occasions.

  1. SAREE WITH A HIGH NECK BLOUSE AND 3/4 SLEEVE high neck is basically a late 90s fashion which were in trend now so as we know old is gold so today we have this type of neck pattern with different style.The best is to wear a embroider work neck blouse with a plan saree.
  2. SAREE WITH CAPE BLOUSE cape blouses were in trend from a earlier time as we have knew this type of pattern with lehenga.Now it is in trend with saree as well.Cape blouse looks prettier when wore upon a saree.
  3. RUFFLE SAREE ruffle saree a new invention in the fashion trend which were again shows the love for our ethnic fashion that the designers always brings with some twist and turns.
  4. SAREE WITH A DUPATTA /DOUBLE PALLU SAREEit looks very beautiful when carried properly.A dupatta similar with the saree adds an extra effort to your look.
  5. SAREE WITH PEPLUM BLOUSE saree with peplum blouse goes gorgeously with any look you have.It is in trend now a days as we can see many of the celebs actresses were already flaunting their look in this outfit.It can be wearable casually with a simple peplum blouse as well as occasionally.
  6. SAREE WITH A WRAPPING WAIST BELT this outfits just gives you a very define lookAs we know saree when wear in a proper way looks hot itself.So saree with a waist belt just give it a more significant as well as more sexy look to your getup.
  7. SAREE WITH LONG JACKETsaree with long jacket is good to go for a wedding lookbook.Pair a simple color saree with a different color jacket or a bold color one and ya you are good to go.
  8. SAREE WITH DIFFERENT SLEEVE STYLE now a days different sleeve pattern blouses just added the desired look for your outfit.So only the thing is to have a bold or what we can say to have a signature sleeve to just give that extraordinary look to your simple saree outfit.
  9. SAREE WITH PANTS OR PALAZZOSfor a casual party look it will be a best thing to pick up and walk in the room.
  10. SAREE WITH A LEHENGA /LEHENGA SAREE It is in trend from a long time and lehenga saree seems perfect for a bridal wear and for attaining wedding functions.