If you were a ring lover then you should definitely read this article out at least for once and i assure you that you would definitely like my article and also you will try atleast one among the trendy rings by yourself and get compliment.As i have already mentioned in one of my post(five trendy jewellery you must have)that i am a huge lover of rings and love to experiment with different type of rings and so trying out to find the best type of rings that every girl must have which took me a little longer time to search but now here i am with different verities of ring that every girl as according to me will fall in love too.So lets start one by one….


  1. THE GEOMETRICAL RINGS –the box shape rings in different geometric shapes were in trend now a days.Many of the engagement rings were made out of this type of pattern like one the most known and famous celebrity deepika padukone have opt for this type of ring in diamond plated beautifully design rectangular shape for her engagement ring and it is very pretty as it look.So yes many of the couple may opt for this couple rings in gold or diamond design.
  2. THE RING SET DESIGN-as we already may have knew this type of ring pattern where the rings come in a set for the full five fingers in similar design or pattern.It look very pretty in the hand and was affordable for any type of occasions as well as outfits.You may wear this rings in parties or for casually as well in western attire or in ethnic as well.
  3. THE LARGE FINGER STATEMENT RINGS –this type of rings where basically suited when you where going to have some kind of occasions in your family or friends zone.Why it is an statement ring because it gives a very beautiful look to you even in simple getup with this bold large rings may highlight your look and you will be just perfectly perfect to rock the party.One of my favorite in this type of ring is the round full moon rings with pearl design.
  4. THE FULL ROUND RING –this type of rings were not a new thing but ya it is in trend with different design and pattern like in earlier this type of rings where found in stone work but now it is also available in oxidised form and looks beautiful in finger but i highly recommend the oxidised type of ring for the fairer complexion people otherwise it can be even an option for the couple finger rings in platinum.gold,silver and many more option you will get in this ring pattern.
  5. OXIDISED FINGER RINGS-the most important thing of a oxidised ring is it never fade its color and will remain as it is for a very long time and also very cheap in rate as per its quality. Earlier it wasn’t available in various variety but now it can be found in different design pattern.So ya grab atleast one piece of them.It is also available for several design for men so ya even men can also try them out or you may gift your boyfriend or husband as if they were also a lover of rings.