As we all know that beetroot is a very healthy as well as health beneficial vegetable which gives all the nourish to your body,skin as well as hair without having any side effects.Beetroot has a very high consistency of minerals and vitamins which if only taken in a process of one glass juice daily can give you very beneficial effect not only from within but the magic can be seen easily from the outside as well.

Here are some of the very benefited miracles of beetroot as in my word and as per my experience are as follows…

  1. BEETROOT JUICE-taking a glass of beetroot juice daily in the mid time after your breakfast and before your lunch is very beneficial for every one especially for those who were in their diets.What we have to do for making this drink is take a mixer jar,add one whole of beetroot after peeling the upper peels of the beetroot,then add few mint leaves(you may have the drink as it as but for additional taste you may opt for the other process)two steam of mint leaves will be enough,add some black salt as according to your taste you may skip this also,then add some black pepper,now grind this mixer very well and finally have it,drink it daily or you may also skip it in a alternative days.This drink will not only gives you the benefits of beetroot but also good for better digestion.Try this and do let me now in my comment section.
  2. BEETROOT  AS A LIP BALMas we know that beetroot is a good moisturizing agent so before spending a lot money to buy a good lip balm first try this home made recipe out and i have no doubt that you will not be disappointed with this remedy and surely not going to buy any other lip balm.For this recipe we need an empty small container for storing it.In that container add a whole package of vaseline,then add a whole grated beetroot juice(remember only the fine juice is needed )to the container.then 2 drops of glycerine,1 tablespoon of coconut oil and lastly 1 drop of any fragrance essence like rose essence just for the smell and your lip balm is ready for use,you can use it daily or in the night before going to bed and soon you will get the results.
  3. BEETROOT AS A SCRUBBER¬† beetroot is good for the skin as well you may try this remedy as will get the results by yourself.For this remedy we need a whole beetroot,grind it without adding any water and also don’t make a very thin paste,then take it out from the grinder into a bowl,then add 1 small spoon of gram flour and one spoon of yogurt ,then scrub it gently on your face if the paste is two thick then add some raw milk to it and then start scrubbing your face gently,apply this remedy once in a week and you will get the results .This scrubber is not only a good agent for detoxifying but also it is good for de tanning your face as well as your body.
  4. BEETROOT AS A HAIR OIL-beetroot has antioxidant properties which is good for the growth of hair as well as it help to prevent the loss and damage of hair but make sure that whatever consistency you were taking for the remedy do make it last for one month only and not more then that as it will not harm you but the effect of beetroot will be lost.To make this remedy we need(as i am preferring for one month procedure)50 ml of coconut oil,one whole beetroot grated and 50 ml of castor oil,mix all the ingredients well as i prefer the beetroot in the greated one process but you may also go for a thick paste one and also before applying it make sure to heat all the things out in a pan for at least 5 minute to so that it will be nicely mixed.Apply this remedy twice a week for one month and you will see the results.
  5. BEETROOT FOR ACNE-beetroot is good for soothing and heeling as well so if you were suffering from acne then you may try this remedy out at least for once .What you have to do is make a nice thick paste of beetroot and apply it directly to the effected area,leave it for half an hour or you may also leave it for overnight,try this remedy daily to for a fast result or you can skip it for alternative days also.Try this out gyz it really works.