When it comes to pick up the best makeup look for your day then it become a little difficult to chose the right makeup look for example a simple tip to have very bold makeup with heavy jewellery and heavy dress is not a good choice as according to me because it will give you a more clumsy look on the other hand if you were wearing light jewellery like only ering or anything with simple dress then you may go for heavy makeup it will give you a more glory look which will be simple,sober as well as attractive at the same time.

So in this article i will write about some best lipstick color to pair with your dress or combination to give a more beautiful look.As we always don’t have the shade that will match our dress color so this article will be helpful for you to solve some of the color combination of lipstick.

  1. RED WITH BLACK – red with black is always in fashion from a long time and have been in trend always therefor there is nothing much to say about it as we already know that the red color lipstick with black getup is what we need about and i have already written an article about this color combination in my previous post(tip to look more gorgeous in black).
  2. CORAL OR PEACH COLOR LIPSTICK WITH BLUE DRESS-coral or peach both were just an awesome color and believe me  it really look good with a blue color dress.You can apply the shade with every blueish color dress whether it is a royal blue,sky blue or normal blue.
  3. MAROON LIPSTICK WITH WHITE DRESS-it is a great color combination for a bold yet  simple look as this two combination of lipstick and dress gives a very attractive look to your getup.
  4. PINK WITH YELLOW DRESS -pink color shade is every girls favorite one but which will be the good choice of color combination of dress will be the perfect one is what we need to know.So the perfect color combination of dress for this lipstick shade is yellow.Any color variety of yellow can be wearable with pink shade lipstick the thing is to pick up the right shade for the right dress.
  5. BROWN LIPSTICK WITH PURPLE DRESS-always try to wear a light or nude shades of lipstick with royal colors as it enhances the beauty of your look as well as getup.So try a nude shade of brown color with purple dress its look amazing.