Vaseline is just not used as a moisturizing agent or in winters only.It can be use in many ways and in many remedies or DIYs.The best part of vaseline is that it doesn’t have any side effect so without  any hesitation everyone may utilise its benefits.

So here we go for some of the very beneficial remedies of vaseline which does give a very good result.

  1. VASELINE FOR DARK SPOTS-many of us do have dark under arm,dark patches around knee and dark area around neck and we try many of the things to get rid of those areas and doesn’t get any results which always make us hopeless.So now after knowing this remedy you were not going to regret it.What we need to make this DIY is take a small bowl,add 1 tablespoon of vaseline,then add half of lemon you may also opt for apple cider vinegar half a teaspoon and if you were having a very dark under arm then you can add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar,now mix the ingredients very well and apply it under your dark areas,leave it for 20 to 30 minute and then rinse it off,do this remedy for 1 month in an alternate days to get the fast result.
  2. VASELINE FOR EYE LASHES-vaseline is a very good remedy for the growth of eye lashes as the results become visible very often.So to make this remedy we again need two things which is one tablespoon of  vaseline of course and the another is half small spoon of castor oil, mix them well and store the stuff in a tight container,apply it daily during your night routine with the help of a mascara brush or you can also use a ear beds to apply the applicator perfectly,leave it overnight,do this in a daily bases to get the results.
  3. VASELINE AS A GOOD MOISTURIZER FOR HAIR-yes its true vaseline is a good moisturizer provider for hair also which nourishes your hair very well,gives a stress free massage to your head which alternatively relaxes your body.So to make this remedy we just need a good organic or virgin coconut oil,add 2 tablespoon of coconut oil in a pan and then 2 tablespoon of vaseline,heat the mixture for 10 second and apply it with the help of gentle finger massaging process for at least 10 minute,leave it for overnight or since if you were in a hurry then leave it for 1 hour and then rinse it off with shampoo and conditioner and the results will be visible after the first wash only .This remedy not only help in preventing dryness from your hair but also cure dandruff and gives a nice volume to your hair.
  4. VASELINE AS A BODY SCRUBBERvaseline as we all know is a good moisturizer so to make a moisturizer scrubber from it is a very good thing for our body and face as it will not make our skin dry and dull.So to make this remedy take a bowl add 1 tablespoon of vaseline(as required according to your preference)then one tablespoon of aloe vera gel 1 small spoon of brown sugar and 1 tablespoon of honey,now mix the ingredients very well and gently scrub your face for 5 minute and then rinse it off ,after that apply the vaseline moisturizer to your face or body or if you don’t have one then apply the moisturizer which you prefer for your skin.This remedy will help to nourish your skin as well as good for exfoliating also.
  5. VASELINE AS A GOLDEN HIGHLIGHTER-to make this we just need a golden eyeshadow which is easily available in our wardrobe so take that eyeshadow and make a new thing out of it.In an empty makeup kit add the golden eyeshadow and take vaseline same as the amount of eyeshadow you were adding in the box,then mix it well now the good thing of doing this is it gives a glowing and shiny look whenever you apply it either in a form of highlighter and eyeshadow,with makeup or without makeup.So it is a very useful makeup hack for college going girls and for those who loves to make their chic shiny.