There were different types of mask available in the market for different skin types and this just make our choices more difficult to pick up the right one for the right skin type or skin problem like which mask will be good for acne,which will be better for dry skin type and so on.

So today our topic will  basically based on the best type of face mask available for the face and for the skin type also.

All the points were written just according to my natural experience.So here i will write the ingredients or the things which will be good for you face mask as according to your preference.Now it depends on you that you will buy the product or you will make a diy by yourself.

  1. FACE MASK FOR ACNE-there were huge products available in the market but before buying them take several  things into consideration like tea tree oil as it is a natural acne fighter which has anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties which helps to calm down the acne and hence prevent them to grow further.second one is a clay mask which is again a natural way to prevent acne like one of the example is if you want to make a homemade remedy for acne then you may opt for fullers earth face mask(multani mitti)which belongs to the clay family.This two things were very good for an acne prone face or otherwise there were several healthy fruit remedy is also available which really does a relief to acne like potatoes diy,cucumber mask diy and papaya mask diy.(If you need a homemade remedy of this masks then do let me know in my comment section).
  2. FACE MASK FOR DARK SPOT-dark spot easily appear onto our face like if we were suffering with pimples or some kind of burn we were having and then hardest to get rid off but there were several thing which generally help us to lighten them like one is vitamin e oil,second is aloe vera and third is sandalwood.So try to buy those mask which has one of the ingredient written above and this not only provide a good agent to get rid of those spots but also helps in brightening your skin.There were several homemade remedies are also available like lemon honey mask and tomatoes mask.(If you need a homemade remedy of this masks then do let me know in my comment section)
  3. FACE MASK FOR GLOWING SKIN-a good face mask for glowing skin will always have vitamin c in it,charcoal is also a good option to go with.Face mask which generally hydrate your face is a good option for glowing skin so  there were several sheet mask is available in the market so try them for a glowing skin and it really work instantly so some of the thing to take in consideration during the choice for  glowing skin will be almond,yogurt,goat milk,coconut and turmeric..(If you need a homemade remedy of this masks then do let me know in my comment section)
  4. FACE MASK FOR DETAINING-for this a peel of mask really work like a miracle.Any peel off mask like the charcoal peel off mask,neem purifying peel off mask,orange peel off mask and papaya peel off mask were all good to go with or else there were several home diys which you may opt for like the honey peel of mask,milk peel off mask and many more healthy mask for detaining..(If you need a homemade remedy of this masks then do let me know in my comment section)
  5. MASK FOR SENSITIVE SKIN-sensitive skin were also very curious of everything and when it comes for there face or skin then the choices also make them very confuse and vulnerable.So here i suggest some the good face mask which they may  go for and also i recommend a tip for a sensitive skin people that they should not go for heavy chemical product and always keep there face hydrated fresh with any kind of liquid like rose water green tea water or anything.So several healthy mask for them would be cucumber face sheet mask,aloe vera mask,black mud mask and potatoes mask.There were several home diys are also available which if you guys recommend  then i will definitely post it in my next article.