There is always remain something more to gain when it comes for how much knowledge we have for something.The more we get to know anything,the more it remain hidden and so the power of knowledge keep on flowing from generation to generation it is a never ending thing.

There is many such thing we don’t know and one such thing is food…yes what we eat,what we drink,what food is going to benefit us,what food is nutritional for our health,what food will be taken when we are in our diet or what food will seriously going to harm us when we are in some kind of disease.All of these questions generally strikes many of us and at some point it always remain an unfulfilled question for us.

So today in this article i will write about some DO YOU KNOW  food fact which if we eat or drink in a daily basis routine is going to give a good result for our health.

  1. WARM LIME HONEY WATER –when we drink a glass of warm lime honey water in the morning in an empty stomach it helps in better digestion,filters your blood,good for low blood pressure,rich in vitamin A and C,hydrate you more then just plain water,keep you away from bad breath,keeps your skin healthy and glowing and nice agent of weight loss.
  2. DATES – eating 3 dates daily in a regular basis will improve your eye vision,boost energy,increase sexual stamina,prevent abdominal cancer and cure intestine disorders,boost the nervous system,good for weight loss when mix with cucumber juice,reduce risk of heart attack and heart related disease.
  3. OLIVE OIL – adding olive oil in your cook routine is just getting more nourishment in your food then any other oil preference.Olive oil is good for diabetes,help to loss weight much more faster,keeps your bones healthy,prevent skin cancer,used in skin care product because it is rich in antioxidant properties such as vitamin A and vitamin E.
  4. WARM GINGER WATER – eating warm ginger water daily in anytime helps to fight cold and flu,good for better digestion,relive toothaches,speed up your metabolism,relive menstrual pain ,lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation.
  5. PINEAPPLE WATER – drinking pineapple water daily in summer is good for hydrating and detoxifying your body,rich in vitamin B,boost energy,helps to lower cholesterol,relive sinus,anti inflammatory.
  6. BANANA – eating a banana every day in breakfast keep you energetic throughout the day,keep your mood happy and calm,increase brain memory,rich in iron and vitamin B6,it contain high insoluble fibre which prevent constipation and keep your regular bowl function healthy.
  7. GREEN TEA – having a cup of green tea helps to build a strong immune system,fight with allergies,good for weight loss,relief from stress,helps to protect liver,rich in antioxidant and helps to build bone.
  8. TURMERIC WATER – drinking a glass of turmeric water or adding turmeric as a spice in your food will actually helps to prevent cancer of breast and skin,its a natural anti inflammatory,natural antibiotic,natural antiseptic,improve digestion, helps coughs,improve asthma,heals stomach ulcer,help prevent gas/bloating,lower cholesterol,reduce side effect of chemotherapy.
  9. GARLIC HONEY- drinking a glass of this mixture daily in an empty stomach will help you to reduce belly fat,good digestion,fights minor infection,give healthy glowing skin,prevents high blood pressure.
  10. CHIA SEEDS – adding two table spoon of chia seeds in your smoothie,juice or water daily will provide your body five time more calcium then a milk have,seven time more vitamin c then oranges,three time more iron then spinach,twice the potassium contain in banana and eight time more omega  then salmon,