Generally i don’t like summer season but we don’t have any other option accept to tolerate this season or going on a beach occasion even there also we have to take a lot of precautions so ya i hate summer and so do you…???let me know in the comment section.

We cant neglect to go out in summer but ya there is a lot of stuff that will keep us good and fresh  we do that for yourself.So lets see what all those hacks are and how many of us really know about it.

  1. BAD FEET ODOUR PROBLEM- bad feet odour problem is something which suffer almost every one of us.So it is a natural thing which persist in those human being who have rich citric acid in there sweat which persist a bad smell when sweating.The hack for all those bad feet odour person is first always try to keep your feet clean like take a bath every day or try to change your shocks every day,don’t use any other quality of shoes accept leather,give a homemade therapy to your feet whenever you are free,to make this remedy we need a big pot,in that pot fill up some steam water only the level needed to cover up your feet,now add 1 large spoon of salt,one whole lemon squeeze in it,and few mint leaves now leave the water for five minute,add 1 small spoon of shampoo in it(whatever you were using),then with gently massaging process leave your feet into the water for 10 to 15 minute and lastly rinse it off.This therapy not only help to prevent bad odour but also good for heeling cracks in feet.
  2. SUNSCREEN PROPER APPLICATION – whatever sunscreen you were using it become useless if not applied properly yes its true.The thing is we normally apply a sunscreen just before the minute we are going outside,so the properties in the sunscreen were not properly absorb in our skin that’s why we easily get sweat,try to apply the sunscreen before 15 to 20 minute when you were going outside this will keep the process glides on skin nicely and soon you will see that actually sunscreen were doing there work.

    USA, New Jersey, Young woman applying cream on shoulder
  3. FACIAL MIST- facial mist either made by yourself or bought from anywhere is good to keep your face hydrated all day and also it boost your skin and make you feel fresh for entire day.To make this we need any empty small spray bottle,in it add some cucumber slices,1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel and some mint leaves,add water whatever amount you need now shake the bottle nicely and apply the mist whenever your skin and you feel dull.
  4. UNDER ARM ODOUR – under arm odour is a very common problem and to resist it is something not possible but we may try to do many hacks and many things to keep the bad odour away from us one easy way to keep your under arm fresh for a long time is take any baby powder,sprinkle it to any cotton cloth and apply nicely under your arm this will keep your under arm odour free i will not say for the whole day it will keep you fresh but yes it works for almost 5 to 6 hrs.
  5. OMEGA 3 DIET –the fact that nothing is as good that works internally is really a true fact.So what you take inside will generally show their results outside in your skin and our skin contain a certain amount of fat in which omega 3 fatty acid plays an important role to keep all those junk away from your skin.Try to add some omega 3 diet in your routine like walnuts,soybeans,flaxseed and fish like salmon.