Here i am again with some interesting do you know facts which some of us even i also did not know.So once if we get to know this facts it will really help us to live a better life.

So lets get started…

  1. When you take hot shower before bed it really help you to relax and falling asleep at night by calming your nervous system.Also help to relieve nervous system and skin blemishes

  2. Coconut oil pulling is one of the best way to remove bacteria from your teeth,its a great way to naturally whiten your teeth and to keep your mouth odour free. 
  3. Every 35 days your body replaces its self and your liver took around a month.So your body makes this new cells is totally depends on what you have eaten the whole month.So what you eat literally becomes you.
  4. Brushing your teeth with your non dominant hand improves your brain health and self control.How it is possible lets take a brief look,using your opposite hand strengthen neural connection in your brain and even grow new ones,just like an physical exercise which we do to emphasis our body function and muscles.So try using your opposite non dominant hand in different criteria like writing,using mouse or TV remote to improve your brain immunity.
  5. Different negative emotions can affect your body organs like anger upsets your liver,worry weaken the stomach,stress weaken the heart and brain and fear weaken the kidney.So always be happy and look good to keep your organ happy.
  6. If you sleep on your right side then you will fall asleep a bit faster then your left side.