Its very important to keep every part of your body healthy and healthy in the sense not to look good from outside but to keep it nutritious from within also.The days of summer always make it very difficult for us to keep yourself healthy and fresh everyday.

So today’s article is all about how to take care of your hair in summer so that it will protected your hair from the harsh rays of sun and from damage as well.

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  1. MOISTURIZE YOUR HAIR –moisturizing your hair will really help you to get rid of drying and most importantly reduces the chance of dandruff.So always try to make your hair retain its moisture content.This simply includes a god quality time of head massage with a good oil like for example coconut hair oil,tee tree or any vitamin e hair will be a good option for summer days.
  2. HAIR MASK –hair mask is beneficial for your hair as it rejuvenate your hair and retain all the goodness that it has lost.So a very good remedy for hair in summer is to make it by yourself so that you can add as per your requirement whatever nutrition your hair need like for example i used to make a paste of onion juice,a tablespoon of curd and lemon to reduce damage and dandruff from my hair.So like wise you can also whatever your hair need like an egg,aloe vera etc.
  3. SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONING – not everyone know the correct process of doing shampoo and conditioner on hair during summer so the best way of doing this is do the shampoo on your hair thrice a week and conditioning your hair twice a week is the best way to get result of any shampoo whether its a hair damage shampoo or for shine and silkiness 
  4. STEAM YOUR HAIR – try to give a nice steam to your hair on every weekend as steaming is a very easy and nice way of moisturizing your hair and steam makes your hair more voluminous and silky.For steam you just need a hot water and a towel,now pour your towel in the water and cover your hair with the towel do this for at least ten minute after bath.

  5. Don’t wash your hair everyday as it damages your hair since if you were a working person then wash your hair in an alternative days.