Many of us have dry skin type and only they can understand what problem and issues they go through specially during winter it almost become irritable to handle the situation.I also face the same kind of issue of having a dry skin type and i understand what it feels like.

So here are some of the very easy home tips to keep your skin moisturized all day long and if you keep on trying this tips you will be able to get rid of the kind of skin irritation you feel in dry skin.

HOMEMADE MOISTURIZER – for me it is very importent to have my own homemade moisturizer as per my skin because i feel like what your skin need is not always going to be available in the market.So i have made my own moisturizer and believe me gyz it is going to work for all my friends who have been suffering from dry skin a lot and will get the result in a week.So for making this moisturizer we need some rose petals like 10 of it and keep them in a small jar full of water for overnight.Now in the second step we need coconut with its water,now heat a pan add the rose water in it which you have left for overnight soaking ,let it comes to a boil and then add the coconut(greted form) and the coconut water also,now let the mixture come to thick consistency and then add 2 tablespoon of tea tree oil.Now apply the moisturizer during night only for one time because the application will be very oily for you so leaving it for overnight will give you a good result.This moisturizer will not only keep your skin moisturize but also helpful for a healthy glowing skin


COCONUT OIL – coconut oil is also a very good option for a very dry skin.what you have to do is just apply a pure vegetarian coconut oil in your face or body and leave it for 30 minute before taking a shower.This will help you to keep the skin tied up the moisture into your skin which on the other hand will not make your skin to get more drier after bath.

GLYCERINE OIL – This is again another good agent for binding the moisturizer into your skin and also it helps to reduce wrinkles,brighten your skin and gives a very shiny glow to your skin.

TOMATO PASTE – tomato paste or you can simply rub a tomato on your skin to hydrate the pores of your skin.As we all know the benefits of rubbing a tomato on skin as it hydrates your skin,help to bind the moisture content of your skin,good for dark spots and lastly give you a healthy glowing skin and for me tomato paste is a very easy and fast way for dry skin people to quickly enhance and bind the moisture of your skin.