There were various type of braid hairstyle to try on with their specific names.

so here you will get some of the very easy,simple and pretty braid hairstyle name with their tutorial,so you can be able to try them out by yourself with some practice and efforts of course.This hairstyles doesn’t need any kind of professional requirement and tools to complete the look.

  1. PULL AND THROUGH BRAID HAIRSTYLE —it is very easy to do only the thing required is some small rubber band and a little bit of practice.
  2. ROPE BRAID – to do this braid again you need only one thing and that is a rubber band,with some twist and turn the beautiful braid hairstyle will be done within 5 minute and with some practise this hairstyle is just perfect to have with any look.
  3. FRENCH BRAID –french braid is not a new hairstyle but this hairstyle is something if you know how to do it then you can have this and make it a trend in anywhere.
  4. FISHTAIL BRAID – side fishtail is very easy to do and is perfect for everyday school and college look.