Some of us may have know the benefits of essential oil for our skin and for many other purposes.We naturally have a balanced moisture content in our skin but due to harsh environment circumstances our skin tend to loose its moisture and become very dry or a combine of both dry and oily or rather very oily skin.So thats why essential oils are very importent for skin.They have a very sudden and effective results for skin or many other purposes.Now every oil has its own benefits so you can mixed one oil with another or you can just pick up one specific oil for your specific concern like for blemishes,brighter skin,pimples and such other things.

So here i have listed 5 of the basic essential oil which are good for skin.Now one thing to remember here is essential oil should not be applied directly onto the skin as it might effect your skin so its better to apply essential oil by mixing up with you night cream or moisturizer.

  • TEA TREE OIL – tea tree oil is best for acne as it has antioxidant properties which exhibits the formation of acne,helps in the further growth of acne and it helps to keep the skin clear and fresh.You can used it with mixing up with your moisturizer or with any other supplements.
  • LAVENDER OIL – lavender oil is good for brightening your skin,keeping your skin healthy and glowing.
  • LEMON OIL –lemon oil is something that has all the beneficial properties which we need to keep our skin healthy,glowing and beautiful.So this is a must have recommended oil for everyone also lemon oil is good for reducing blemishes and dark spot.
  • FRANKINCENSE OIL – this oil is good for all skin type,help to deal with almost all skin related issues such as even skin tone,dark spot,anti aging problems and pimples.
  • YLANG YLANG OIL – this oil helps to naturally glowing your skin and brightening up your skin.