There has been a centuries for using facial oil for multiple purposes whether its related to skin,hair or any type of aromatherapy.We have already knew the importance of essential oil in my previous article so here i will directly jump into some of the best homemade facial oil preparation for all skin type and for different purposes.

  1. FOR GLOWING RADIANT SKIN – now we all knew the importance of antioxidant elements for our skin and how much does a lemon benefits us with this quality.So to make this facial oil we need two essential oil which is obviously lemon oil and second is orange essential oil.Now if you don’t want to make it too sticky or oily then you can simply skip the next part of mixen these essential oil with any of the carrier oil like coconut or olive oil,you can simply mix 3 drops of each essential oil with any of your night cream or moisturizer to get the benefits of these oil or you can mix it up with any 15 gm bottle of the carrier oil which i suggested.Try this remedy in night routine and you will see the results very soon.This is best for dark spot,scares,tan and anti aging problems.
  2. FOR BRIGHTENING SKIN –to make this facial oil we need vitamin e essential oil 2 to 3 drops(for antioxidant properties),almond essential oil 2 to 3 drops(for brighter skin also works good for under eye circles issues),grape seed oil 2 drops(reduce the formation of acne and absorbs excess oil from the skin),add this mixture with any of the carrier oil of 20 gms such as argan,olive or coconut oil,apply it at night for best results.
  3. ANTI AGEING FACIAL OIL –essential oil in this category is highly recommended because it has delivered a lot of good results in anti ageing phenomenon.So to make this we need frankincense essential oil 5 drops(helps in rejuvenating the skin,great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles,reduce age spots and skin discoloration also),add 3 drops of pomegranate seed oil(for glowing healthy skin),now add 2 types of carrier oil either jojoba -sandalwood oil for tightening up your skin and for good moisturizing or can also prefer for lavender-coconut oil for best anti aging results,each bottle contain 15 gms of oil.Apply at night for best results.
  4. MOISTURIZING AND HYDRATING SKIN – there are some very good moisturizer available in the market which you can just get at some cheap prices but if you give a try to this homemade moisturizer you will no longer opt for any of the commercial product which is available in the market because this moisturizer will not make your skin hydrated all day long but also within the use of this moisturizer for certain period or may be a month you may no longer need to apply any moisturizer.So to make this we need virgin coconut carrier oil(20 gms of bottle),shea butter and rose hip oil mix it all and apply whenever you need or at night maybe twice a day to see the result you can also add 2 to 3 drops of lavender or jasmine essential oil for a mild fragrance.