There were many ways to use makeups alternatively but the only that matters is to use the right alternate product to get the right look.Like for example we know that lipstick can be use for various makeup hacks like for blush or eyeshadow but we get confuse when the time comes to choose the right lipstick shade,form and texture.

So here i will give you a brief description for what makeup hacks we can try with different makeup products with very simple ways and cheap makeup essentials.

  1. MOISTURIZER AND CREAM – you can always use your any type of gel based cream or moisturizer as a primer so can use it as a good base for your makeup.This product will not only work as a good long hour holder for your makeup but it will also provide your skin a good moisturizer.
  2. LIPSTICK – now this is something we all know about and almost everyone has tried the lipstick hack for various purposes but for me the best work which a lipstick can do is blushing,eyeshadow and contouring the only thing which we need into our consideration is,for blush if you were having a darker skin tone go for red,pink or mauve colors and if your skin has lighter skin tone then you may go for red,rose pink and peachy colors and always try matte shades of lipstick so that you will get a naturally glowing cheeks.Now for eyeshadow you can go for any color shades of lipstick but to get a shimmery look try the glossy shades of lipstick,for contouring we always need a one tone darker shade from our skin so the same thing goes for lipstick also like you can opt for the darker shades of brown lipstick in matte according to your skin color.
  3. EYESHADOW –you can always use your shimmery eyeshadow as a highlighter for your makeup like the golden and silver shades of eyeshadow is all we need to get a perfect highlighter and you can also use the matte shades of eyeshadow as a blusher.
  4. FOUNDATION – mix any type of moisturizer which you use for your face with foundation and thus you can have your own homemade bb or cc cream,second one is mix lighter shades of lipstick as according to your dark circles like if you were having very deep dark circles then mix the red shades of lipstick with you foundation and apply it under your eye as a counselor and if you were having lighter skin tone then the peach or light pink shades of lipstick will be good enough to hide your dark circles.