We usually spend a lot of money to decorate our house and sometimes the things or stuff which we decide to keep in our house for decoration purposes just turn as a dream because its too expensive to afford as per the budget or sometime we just don’t feel the need to decorate our home with fancy things due to its maintenance issues.

So here i have suggested many such kind of things which we can get from the market very easily without bothering about its price and maintenance.

  1. FLOWER VASE -flower vase is a very nice and cheap way to decorate your house although the prices may vary according to the finishing and quality of the product but you can buy them at very cheap prices also so that depends on you.Now in the case of flowers you can go for natural flowers or obviously artificial one only the thing is the natural flower can droop off after sometimes so it required maintenance facility.Flower vase is a very nice option to decorate the corners of your house or just besides of your couch.
  2. WALL DECORATION – there are various thing which you can do for the decoration of your wall like from a very luxurious wall painting to very sober wallpapers.So here we are obviously discussing about the cheap one so some of the very cheap ideas for wall decoration will be wallpapers(varies according to price),wall frames and wall stickers with 3d effects.They were a good idea for the decoration of the living area or just for one part of the wall.
  3. MIRROR DECORATION – by having only a large wall mirror is also a very nice idea to decorate the room.You can simply order it by any carpenter available in nearby places of your home and simply set up the wall mirror to the most peaceful area of your house and make it more glorious by adding some string light or any 3d light around it.
  4. BEAUTIFUL CURTAINS – curtains is something which everyone has in their house so why not make it more beautiful by adding some more effort to it like for example always choose vibrant color of curtains or you can add artificial flower string around the rods of the curtains to make it more beautiful.Try this in your living area or any room as according to your choice.
  5. WALL WIND CHIMES –wind champs were a traditional way for the decoration of gates balcony or any other area but now wind champs were available for the decoration of wall also and in various forms.It just fulfill the empty area of your wall so everyone should atleast have one of them for the decoration of wall.