Everyone doesn’t live a luxurious life from the time they born and also everyone doesn’t have much time to look new every single day.So some of the thing become difficult for all such persons like for me i am a big lover of nail arts and nail colors but its little bit difficult to change my nail paints every day according to the outfit which i wear so for all such person who are like me here i have suggested some of the nail colors which you can wear with almost every outfits.

  1. BLACK – black as we all know is a kind of color which goes well with almost every dress you wear.Even its not only about black nail paints but many other things like black jeans,top,scarf,everything you can pair with it and give a new look.
  2. METALLIC NAIL COLORS – metallic nail paints is a new thing and a new trend among us also their are two shades of metallic color which are easily available in the market one is steel and another is golden color which are design in such a way that they go very beautifully with every outfit and look.
  3. WHITE NAIl COLOR –not only white but there many such color which look alike white such as off white,opaque colors or transparent white color.They were a good options when you don’t want to change your nail paint everyday and also the best option for working ladies.
  4. SKIN COLOR NAIL PAINTS – when you dont to make your nails very vibrant in color then you can simply choose skin color nail paints which were good option to wear daily specially for college going girls.
  5. TINT PINK NAIL POLISH – pink is always their when it come about the favorite colors of a women so some of the very nice and beautiful colors of pink can be chosen for everyday look which goes nicely with every outfit.