About Me

Hi i am Hamiya Ali Hashim a self made girl having a lots of experiences and knowledge about home keeping stuff,fashion,makeup and many more …i love to collect all the trendy fashionable stuff and to share opinions about those things in my blog.


So is basically related to fashion,trends,tips,home made recipes,remedies and many more.You will get information related to trendy fashion,healthy tips,home made remedies and also some motivational post.I used to  suggest best sites and links also on motivation to read for you.

I also recommend some online shopping sites for fashion related things based on the rating and reviews of the product so that it will be easier for you to buy… 

The best thing you will get to know in my site is i use very simple languages and word in my blog so that you will understand every single line very easily also gives a brief description of every thing. 

If you were further having any queries related to fashion tips and ideas or any home related suggestion like any home decoration tips makeup tips sharing your knowledge,experience or need any help regarded the topic discussed in my blog then write mail in my